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Our Clients
Whether carrying out valuations on behalf of individuals or large corporations our goal is provide superior client service. We know that each customer may have different needs and we strive to understand those needs.

Our Clients include:


Valuations required by individuals most commonly include:
  • Property transfer and Stamp Duty;
  • Capital gains tax including retrospective valuations;
  • Buying a property or selling a property;
  • Mortgage security valuations and disputes (refer also to More about mortgage security valuations below);
  • Matrimonial or property settlement.
Our Valuers have the training and experience to provide highly qualified valuation reporting.

Our online Request a Quote and valuation monitoring platform is specifically designed for individuals. Once you receive a quote through this platform and choose to proceed with the valuation you are given a summary of the information you have provided, payment options including secure online credit card payment, tax invoice, and online and email updates during the valuation process.

You can also Contact Us or email for all other valuation enquiries.

More about mortgage security valuations:

Whether you are looking at buying a property, or accessing equity in your property, or looking to refinance for some other purpose, you may be required to pay for a Registered Valuation as part of the loan process.

A Registered Valuation offers a lender insurance against any potential loss caused by any acknowledgeable information about the actual worth of the property. The more money being lent means the higher the risk which increases the importance of correct valuation advice.

This ratio of lending against property value is known as the Loan to Value Ratio or LVR.

If your LVR is low then there may be no need for a Registered Valuation. Many lenders today rely on free or low cost internet based market appraisals, drive-by valuations, desktop valuations, real estate comparative market analysis and other partial valuation techniques, suitable for most lending practises at low LVR's.

These other methods of valuation should not to be confused with a Registered Valuation. A Registered Valuation is a legal document, an independent report based on a full internal and external inspection of the property and including proper sales basis and analysis sometimes prepared in line with strict lending guidelines set by individual lenders, mortgage insurers and professional indemnity insurers.

At higher LVR's, (above 80% for most lenders), a lender may also request lenders mortgage insurance, or LMI, to further reduce risk and exposure to potential losses in their lending process.

Some lenders have a particular list of valuers, known as a Panel Valuer, who undertake their valuations. Under the terms of these arrangements, the lender will generally not accept valuations prepared by valuers not on this list.

Your broker or bank will advise whether you require a full valuation or not and/or whether our valuation will be accepted by your particular lender.


With your lenders permission, you can now directly order your valuation through us.

The advantages for you are:
  • Discounted valuation fee similar to what your bank would normally charge;
  • You can arrange the valuation at your convenience;
  • You get to retain of copy of the valuation for your records alleviating any confusion with the bank valuation;
  • Better prepared for the loan process.
The lender also has the following advantages:
  • No need to request and monitor the valuation process;
  • No valuation, administration or associated accounting fees;
  • Security online check service for valuation report authenticity;
  • Better preparedness for loan application;
  • Faster loan application approval process;
  • A more satisfied customer now having a copy of the valuation report.
Our service also extends to construction valuations and associated progress valuations for new homes. Other reports include valuation update letters and reassignment letters where required. Please contact us if you have any further queries

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